NATO Bloodbath Sweater

$375 CAD

Long sleeve knit cashmere sweater in navy. Distressing throughout. Rib knit V-neck collar and cropped hem. Paint splatter effect in red throughout. Detachable embroidered NATO patch with button fastening at upper sleeve. 1 of 1 item.

100% Cashmere. Origin unknown. 

Different Dimension Wear

Atemporal garments and artifacts procured from our associates at Chronos Labs LLC. Provided here for purchase to fund continued efforts in alternate timeline exploration. Individual item notes provided below:

Type: Uniform
Year: 2012
Location: Misrata, Libya, United African Territories

Lab Notes: Garment was procured from an exhibit in the Misrata War Museum titled The Expulsion and Destruction of NATO. Timeline trigger has been identified as the unification of several African states under the leadership of Muammar Gaddafi utilizing a pan-African gold standard three years prior.

 Size OS
Length 22"