Iranian Cowboy Hat

$300 CAD
Wool cowboy hat in black. Holy Shrine Defender hat band in green. Unlined. Approx. 3.5" brim length x 21" inner circumference. 1 of 1 item.

Body: 100% Wool. Trim: 100% Polyester. 
Origin unknown.

Different Dimension Wear

Atemporal garments and artifacts procured from our associates at Chronos Labs LLC. Provided here for purchase to fund continued efforts in alternate timeline exploration. Individual item notes provided below:

Type: Headwear
Year: 1895
Location: New Tehran, United Islamic States

Lab Notes: Garment was purchased from a dry goods store in what is geographically The American Southwest. Timeline Trigger has been difficult to identify. Current consensus is the discovery and colonization of the North American continent by Persian explorers in the early 1400's.