Seam Rippers was an interactive visual novel that followed the exploits of Misaki Van Kampen, a 21 year old fashion school reject and societal drop out.

Misaki's life is changed forever when she crosses paths with a mysterious cat and a strange pair of ghostly shears. Soon she finds herself recruited into a centuries spanning endeavour to stop a secret organization that controls the fashion industry. Unfortunately for Misaki's retainers her general ineptitude and terrible taste proves difficult to overcome. The goal of having Misaki establish a charming and successful fashion line to rival this cabal is quickly abandoned. Instead, playing to her edge lord strengths a new plan is hatched: to try and succeed by creating the most controversial fashion line of all time!

Don't follow Misaki and her friends as they attempt to navigate the bizarre intersections of fashion, fame, image making, and deception in a world gone mad.

Coming Never* to Windows, OSX, and Mobile.

*Cancelled due to the dissolution of our operations.