The Culture Ltd was an internet-based creative cell and fashion enterprise operating from 2017-2020.

We created clothing, products, and experiences intended to help serve those living in emerging dystopias. Our work was typically defined by dissonant pastiche and a fierce criticism of institutional structures. Our organization was loosely comprised of agents from around the world with our main base of operations located in Vancouver, Canada. For our lampooning of popular fashion and streetwear culture we garnered coverage in publications such as Style Zeitgeist & High Snobiety.

We've now ceased production of our smaller capsule releases and one-off productions through our Different Dimension Wear line. We’ve also cancelled development of our first visual novel: Seam Rippers. A strange new experiment in narrative driven clothes-making which continued our tradition of finding entirely new ways to attack the absurdities of modernity.

This website shall remain up as an archive of our activities, please feel free to rip off anything you'd like. 

For all stockist, press, or order inquiries please do not contact: